Hello, world!

Welcome to the website of Quality, the robot designed by Team 23 (Charlotte Kiang, Evelin Henriquez and Srinivasan Raghevendra) for the 2012 rendition of 6.270, MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition.

"Quality" (a name chosen somewhat ironically for our robot after some last-minute malfunctions) was designed entirely out of LEGO blocks and controlled by a C-programmable AVR-based "HappyBoard" microcontroller, provided by the 6.270 organizers. Our C source code contains AI that relies on an overhead visual positioning system (VPS) to transmit its coordinates in order to navigate the playing field.

This year's competition, "Feudal Frenzy," challenged teams to create robots that could conquer territories and gather resources. This required robots to be able to spin a gear box, pull a lever, and somehow deposit ping pong balls into the proper half of the center field.