February 2, 2012Posted by Maddy


This website is here to serve as documentation of the design of 'Zargoz: destroyer of worlds', our entry into this year's 6.270 Autonomous Robot Design Competition. Zargoz was designed, built, and programmed by Zach Tomlinson and Maddy Aby. The challenge this year involved capturing territories and mining resources from them in order to save Miasmador...

Thank You Organizers!

February 2, 2012Posted by Maddy


Zach and I would like to thank all of the organizers very much for all of the time they put into making 6.270 an awesome competition and learning experience. We'd especially like to thank:
Scott Bezek for the long days and nights he spent in lab making the playing field and helping all of us make our robots work.
Steven Jorgensen for his incredible enthusiasm throughout the entire month.
Isaac Gutekunst for his dedication to making sure we all learned something useful from the whole thing.
Luke O'Malley for making sure Zargoz will forever be known as a 'destroyer of worlds'. Or at least a destroyer of something.

Drop Test

January 28, 2012Posted by Zach


Redifining Success

January 28, 2012Posted by Maddy