The Mystery Machine (team 15)
MIT 6.270: Autonomus Robot Design Competition
6.270 is a hands-on, learn-by-doing class open only to MIT students, in which participants design and build a robot that will play in a competition at the end of January. The goal for the students is to design a machine that will be able to navigate its way around the playing surface, recognize other opponents, and manipulate game objects. Our team participated in 6.270 in IAP 2012 and we won 3rd place!

Watch 6.270 2012 Competition

IAP 2012 Competition
(Pictures courtesy of 6.270 organizers and Steven Jorgensen respectively)
  • 2 minute round - first 10 seconds Exploration only (30 points for each territory explored in the first 10 seconds).
  • Capture territory by spinning gearbox (100 points)
  • Must capture territory to mine resources
  • Mine resources (ping pong balls) by pulling lever (40 points/ball)
  • Max 5 resources per minute in each territory
  • Deposit resources in center (40 points/ball)